Monday, April 2, 2012

Facial Recognition Lets Apps Guess Your Age

A service provided by is almost as good as humans at judging someone's age from a photo.

The new Age-Guessing Service is starting this week, thanks to the startup
The service can not only guess one or two peoples age, it works also with a group of people (we tested it with a picture of 10 people and it works).
To use the service, programmers have their software send photos to over the Internet. returns an upper and lower range on the age of the face and a estimate age besides all the other values you see in the picture above.

Just try it yourself >here< and take a look at the left sidebar. 


  1. Think its pretty cool. I give it a try right now. Greets Markus :)

  2. i'm gonna try er out as well :P

  3. Cool blog. Looking forward to trying out new stuff