Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Social-Media Decoder

 Look at what i just found, a Social-Media Decoder which will grab your Posts from Social Networks to get a live view what you think about something like a TV-Show. Think this offers a wide range of new possibilitys but only for advertisers and other people who make the real money. I'm a bit scared about that, when he says in the video "Private turns now to Public". I Hope Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on are against such things!

What do you think?

Iron Sky - starting this week!

When i first saw the trailer of Iron Sky in the cinema i thought that must be a joke or something like that but it's true the movie will start this week in the cinema's.

What do you think about the story?
Think the idea of the movie is kind of crazy (and maybe funny) but I'm really exited to see the movie.

Think it has only a budget of about 7.5 million Dollars, and for that low budget the special effects and everything is pretty cool, isn't it?

Google SeaView

Imagine if Google Earth could take users under the ocean. That would be amazing!
Just two words: Google SeaView.

In a partnership with Google, the global insurance company Catlin Group Limited and nonprofit Underwater Earth launched the Catlin Seaview Survey!
The goal is to let people explore the ocean from afar and also carry out the first detailed study about the composition and health of coral reefs. The mapping expedition is expected to set sail in September 2012. Once all mapping with the Catlin Seaview Survey is done, there will be roughly 50,000 panoramas that will be accessible on Google Earth and Google Maps.
A YouTube channel will also be dedicated to the project that will include livestreams of the expedition team from the ocean floor.

 If you want to know how it will be look like check this out: http://www.catlinseaviewsurvey.com/seaview.htm

LOVEFiLM - Amazon's DVD, Blu-ray & Games Rental

Did you already know LOVEFiLM.com?

It's a new Amazon Company where you can rent DVD's, Blu-ray's and Games.
There are really cheap Flatrates and you can also watch some of the Movies ONLINE!

You should definitely give it a try and check out the 30 Day Trial!


Angry Birds Space

Just finished the first levels and i think it's awsome! In my opionion the best Angry Birds ever!
It's now available since March 22 and if you don't have it already it's a must buy!

To see how awesome it is check out this Gameplay-video:

To download it, search for it in your Appstore!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances - Open Beta!

If you like the Command & Conquer Games as much as we do you have to play the new Browsergame Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances!

Right now the Game is in open Beta and runs very stable.

Perfect if you have some time while you are at work or at school ;)

A Social Network just for Two

Pair is the Name of a new App for the iPhone that allows you to stay in contact with your special one - anytime and everywhere. You can share texts, videos, and virtual kisses. Is it a social innovation? What do you think about such an App?

Take a look at the Website of Pair, you can also win there two iPhones!